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"There is Such a Thing" Cd Now Available

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Oh yeah, "There is Such a Thing" and it's Sandi Bedrosian's extraordinary new album! This up close and personal collection invites you to a time where classic swing, jazz and poetic ballads collide. The record reveals an intimate look at timeless musical gems, breathing new life into them without missing a beat.

The title track There is Such a Thing, as well as, her other other originals, One Deuce of a Romance and Funny Little Corner of the World, bring you back in step with romantic endearments.

Bobby Caldwell's Heart of Mine, originally recorded by Boz Scaggs is the story of a broken heart. Bedrosian's version embraces the soul of a woman whose heart has been torn apart by lost love. Immediately you feel the honesty.

Along with her stellar team of musicians, including her accordionist John Hyde, pianist/ arranger Mark Shilansky and Roomful of Blues' saxophonist Mark Early, Sandi B has discovered a fresh way to deliver the genuine article. The chanteuse says, "this music is inclined toward the feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love"!


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